Dr Rahul Nerlikar

Consultant Orthopedic surgeon


shoulder Replacement

The shoulder joint is made of 3 bones

  • The Scapula (shoulder blade) – it has a shallw cavity(glenoid)
  • The Clavicle(collar bone)
  • The Humerus (upper arm bone)-its end is rounded and fits into the glenoid.

It is by cartilage and allows smooth movement.
The tendons of surrounding muscles forms a cuff(rotator cuff)which connects these bones and allows smooth movement.
A lubricated sac of tissue called bursa between the acromion and the rotator cuff also facilitates movement.Since the shoulder is a non weight bearing joint wear and tear is less common than hip/knee Osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis/fracture/repeated dislocation can damage the joint tissues and result in a stuff and painful joint.

If physiotherapy and exercises injections of corticosteroid do not help,joint replacement may be advised .The prosthesis is composed of 2 parts:

  • The humeral component made of metal.
  • The glenoid component –this has metal tray which connects to the bone and a tough plastic cup which forms the socket.
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Miniinvasive Surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hip Replacement

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